Corporate Team Building

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It's an Amazing Race

Participants get to experience first-hand just how amazing our early Ukrainian pioneers really were.

The self-directed groups are divided into smaller units or teams and compete against one another, trying to complete as many stations as possible. They’ll gain a sense of the local history, cultural beliefs, and traditions of the Ukrainian settlers as they search for answers, solve riddles, or lend their hands in some sort of physical historic task.

It’s a high-energy, fun, interactive learning program that keeps the participants moving, laughing, and appreciating Alberta’s history.

Duration: 2-4 hours (self-directed)

Group Size: 10-150

Program Cost: $18 per adult participant

Ukrainian Heritage Foods Cooking Workshop

Participants in this workshop will explore traditional Ukrainian-Canadian food patterns and lifestyle. Through preparation of Ukrainian-Canadian foods, participants will discover the customs, practices, and development of the Ukrainian-Canadian diet.

Participants will have a greater appreciation for this unique cultural cuisine and will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to reproduce the meals on their own.

Duration: 2 hours (directed)

Group Size: 10-30

Program Cost: $18 per adult participant

Guided Specialty Group Tour

Guided specialty tours provide an in-depth exploration of various themes and topics related to our living history museum. Your group can arrange for a specialty tour covering topics such as farming, churches and religion, architecture, behind-the-scenes activities, and more.

Contact us for more details about a specialty tour tailored to the needs of your group!

Duration: 2 hours (directed)

Group Size: 15 or more

Program Cost: $16 per adult participant

Emigration Gamble

Participants in this immersive program assume roles of prospective Ukrainian immigrants to North America at the end of the 19th century. Groups will discover first-hand the pressures and difficulties facing Ukrainian immigrants as they decided whether or not to leave their homeland for a new life in Canada, as well as conditions faced upon arrival in Canada.

At the conclusion of a debate, participants will visit historic buildings throughout the museum to view the results of the Ukrainian immigration 20-30 years later.

Duration: 3-4 hours (directed)

Group Size: 15-60

Program Cost: $16 per adult participant

Smarter than a Villager

Just how much do you know about the history of Alberta and the settlement of the province?

Teams will face off in this game show for glory and bragging rights while learning fun and interesting facts about Alberta history and Ukrainians in Canada. This highly interactive program provides a great opportunity for team-building and entertainment.

Duration: 1 hour (directed)

Group Size: 10-100

Program Cost: $16 per adult participant

Pysanky Workshop

Every Easter many Ukrainians take part in the tradition of writing pysanky. These special decorated eggs are an important symbol of the Easter season, and are a very recognizable part of Ukrainian culture.

Our pysanky workshops will teach you the background of this art as well as the symbolism and meaning of the designs. Participants will all have the opportunity to create their own pysanka that they may take home at the end of the workshop.

Duration: 1.5 hours (directed)

Group Size: 10-30

Program Cost: $18 per adult participant

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